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Creating spaces the ignite the imagination and souls - who you arena and allow


Communicating the beauty of the natural world in the internal dialogue and expressing it in social setting creates a un pique experience for each guest -Brenton Wolf



Brenton Wolf Design

Corporate design that blends specific decor and floral elements for branding and experiential marketing and maximum client impact


Brenton Wolf Design creates spectacular rustic, elegant, graceful weddings that allows the natural beauty to come through


Here is a space designed to ignite the senses. Bringing the outdoors in a tidal force of modern elegance. Cool, calm and sophisticated. Fusing emotions and action creates a boding eternal sense of elegance and sophistication. I always look out over the ocean and get a sense of the vastness of the universe, This sense has given me an endless source of inspiration to create spaces that are open. An interests arrises in each person as they enter,


Beautiful fabrics and unique elements

Selecting fine vessels that speak to the environment

Creating custom spaces.

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